A Study in Green

A Study in Green

Thursday, 9 February 2017

15mm Sci-Fi Dwarves....


I love them, the stunty little bastards. from Gimli to Gotrek..... from Bridget the Midget to Wee Jimmy Krankie I love them all.

I have no idea why I have such an affinity with dwarves, I always want to play them when I roll play - all my favourite RPG characters have been dwarves....... they just feel "right" - TLC thinks it might be because I am short, hairy and generally in a bad mood (she might have something there come to think about it).

Anyway, I've wanted to sculpt my own version of sci-fi 15mm dwarves for a while now. You'll remember that I did a commission for Clear Horizon Miniatures a while ago, but I wanted these to be totally different - I wanted more a clan based feel.

Dwarf Clansmen

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Hackmaster - Part Deux.....

So, as I'm back from a nice relaxing honeymoon and have been flung full force back into the rat-race, I figured I'd take a break from catching up with work and quickly write up up a short overview of the our second session of Hackmaster 5th Edition.

You may recall I'd previously mentioned that we were taking a very short break from our usual Tuesday night GURPS game (which is itself a very good system) as our GM had buggered off for a few weeks in sunny Cyprus (it's alright for some - serves him right that Sterling is now less reliable than a plumbers estimate) and whilst we were awaiting, (in keen anticipation) his return with the Duty Free, we had decided to give Hackmaster 5th Ed a quick try.

Part Deux......
 Now, I won't lie, I had been hoping for an opportunity to try the system for a while - we had been running GURPS for a few years and before that played D&D3.5 for so long that I was thoroughly sick of it. I had been reading up on it, purchased the core books, got my head around the rules....... all I needed was a unsuspecting group to inflict my GM skills upon..... MWWWWWHHHHHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Friday, 23 September 2016

A few Ideas.......

What with a wedding to plan and a very busy work schedule, I've been doing a lot of conversions recently of various miscasts and I suddenly realised that I hadn't gotten around to trying any of my new dollies or weapons that I had cast (see here).

I decided that I'd coincide the virgin use of the new casts with a few new ideas that had been knocking around my brain for a few weeks.


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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Roleplay - Hackmaster 5th Edition - Session 1

I keep telling myself that I really must make more of an effort with this blog!!

Anyway, I'm taking a breather whilst on my honeymoon (Sprout is asleep and TLC is taking a well-earned rest, while I'm typing from my mobile in an attempt to put that right).

As many of you know, I'm a huge roleplay fan. At the moment I am playing GURPS 4th edition, set in space and using the Ultra-tech rules. It's a lot of fun, but when our DM took a holiday a few weeks ago (the selfish swine) the group wanted to continue playing something.... Which left us in a bit of a dilemma...... Should someone else take over the campaign and risk side tracking the story (and potentially get the characters killed), or should we miss three precious weeks of gaming????

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Finally back.......... Part 3: Digital Sculpting

The end is near.............

Well, the end of this three part update anyway (queue sighs of relief).

Anyway, over the last two posts, I've looked at the sculpting I've been doing since the start of the year as well as some of the figures I had cast up to fill the space in the moulds I used to cast up my new armature dollies.

Part 3 is a deviation from what I usually do. You see, a few weeks ago, whilst I was waiting for the casts to arrive from the workshop I was feeling a little bored. I had finished off most of my WIP's (and didn't really feel like starting anything new). I had come across some comments online about various free digital sculpting software and thought, "well, why not!!"
A brave new world......

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