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A Study in Green: October 2016

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Hackmaster - Part Deux.....

So, as I'm back from a nice relaxing honeymoon and have been flung full force back into the rat-race, I figured I'd take a break from catching up with work and quickly write up up a short overview of the our second session of Hackmaster 5th Edition.

You may recall I'd previously mentioned that we were taking a very short break from our usual Tuesday night GURPS game (which is itself a very good system) as our GM had buggered off for a few weeks in sunny Cyprus (it's alright for some - serves him right that Sterling is now less reliable than a plumbers estimate) and whilst we were awaiting, (in keen anticipation) his return with the Duty Free, we had decided to give Hackmaster 5th Ed a quick try.

Part Deux......
 Now, I won't lie, I had been hoping for an opportunity to try the system for a while - we had been running GURPS for a few years and before that played D&D3.5 for so long that I was thoroughly sick of it. I had been reading up on it, purchased the core books, got my head around the rules....... all I needed was a unsuspecting group to inflict my GM skills upon..... MWWWWWHHHHHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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