A Study in Green

A Study in Green: February 2015

Friday, 27 February 2015

15mm Sci-Fi Sculpting Contest.....

"There, in the grey beginning of Earth, the formless mass that was reposed amid the slime and vapors. Headless, without organs or members, it sloughed from its oozy sides, in a slow, ceaseless wave, the amoebic forms that were archetypes of earthly life. Horrible it was, if there had been aught to apprehend the horror, and loathsome, if there had been any there to feel loathing. About it, prone or tilted in the mire, there lay the mighty tablets of star-quarried stone that were writ with the inconceivable wisdom of the pre-mundane Gods"

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Monday, 16 February 2015

Bee's Putty - Product Review

As you know from some of my previous posts, I am a member of the Facebook group "15mm Sci-Fi Gaming". This is a great group full for fantastic ideas and inspiration. There are a whole load of very talented sculptors in the group who regularly post their WIP's and new product releases for us mere mortals to dribble over.

Most of the sculptors use Greenstuff (mixed with other putties or as it comes) or Pro-create, and they get fantastic results from them. However, increasingly I have seen people using a product that has, until, avoided my Geek-dar, "Bee's Putty Plastic".....

What's all the hype about???

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